Copernicus at the Plaisirs d'Hiver - Winterpret 2019

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If you live in Brussels or have visited during the Christmas period, you will have heard about the Plaisirs d’Hiver - Winterpret – the annual Brussels Christmas market in the city centre. 

This year, Copernicus will be present at the event, from 29 November to 5 January. Various activities to promote the Copernicus programme to the general public and school students will take place.

Throughout the 5 weeks of the 2019 edition, Copernicus Sentinel images will be displayed inside the dome which will be installed at Place de la Monnaie in Brussels.

The pictures will cover five different themes: ‘Copernicus from around the world’, ‘There is no planet B’, ‘Space saves lives’, ‘Earth, Air, Fire and Water’ and ‘The European Union’. The pictures will be displayed during predefined timeslots and will feature captions explaining the benefits of the Copernicus programme.

At the same time, from 4 and 18 December 2019, a series of awareness workshops on the benefits of the Copernicus programme will be organised under the dome for Belgian school students. 

Six workshops on different space related themes will take place: two 45-minute interactive workshops (1 in FR and 1 in NL) each week, for up to 90 participants per workshop.

The workshops will cover the following themes: week commencing 4 December "There is no Planet B" (how Copernicus data can contribute to preserving the environment); week commencing 11 December "Space saves lives" (how Copernicus data help populations affected by natural and man-made disasters); week commencing 18 December "Earth, Air, Fire and Water" (the four elements as seen by Copernicus Sentinels). 

These sessions provide a good overview of the benefits of the EU space programmes to our society and can spark young minds’ interest in space. It provides an opportunity to include an unusual topic within the school curriculum. 

If you represent a school and would like to be part of the event, don’t hesitate to send your request at

If you are going to the Plaisirs d’Hiver, drop by the dome, check out the beautiful pictures, and learn more about the Copernicus programme.