Data Engineer Remote Sensing

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Organisation: VITO Remote Sensing

Job description

The Remote Sensing unit of VITO processes petabytes of earth observation data. We primarily specialise in Big Data analysis with the use of machine learning and deep learning techniques in the application workflows. That is our passion: the extraction of information from the vast amounts of incoming images. Information required by our clients. Our extensive group of clients can be found within the domains of land use, civil infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, water management, heritage and ecological development.

To accelerate our growth of earth observation services and user demand, we are strengthening our team with a customer-facing data engineer who has an interest in image analytics, big data analysis, machine learning and deep learning techniques in the context of environmental applications. You will be working in a dynamic environment, balancing between R&D, prototyping and operational services. You have a strong engineering but pragmatic, service oriented mindset, are tech-savvy and are able to connect well with people with different backgrounds in an international environment.

Your responsibilities

  • Act as interface between Earth Observation platforms, services and user community
  • Write sample code, preferably in Python to facilitate the use of Earth Observation data
  • Convert prototypes into operational services based on the openEO API.
  • Present the service portfolio to different user groups to grow the amount of active users
  • Judge quality and maturity of new services
  • Translate technical documents into easy understandable language
  • Optimize services for cost and performance
  • Follow up on the commercial aspects of our Earth Observation marketplace together with the team.
  • Write documentation and news items on new releases and/or features
  • Together with the team, analyze the needs of users to grow the portfolio and act accordingly.