Doctoral Researcher

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Organisation: University of Leipzig

The Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences seeks to fill this position at the earliest opportunity.

The Faculty is preparing to establish a Remote Sensing Centre for Earth System Research to expand research in this area and better understand ecosystems in a changing world. The newly established lab Modelling Approaches in Remote Sensing (from 1 April 2020) is looking for a creative individual who shares their overarching interests in ecosystem functioning across scales and wants to explore the potential of novel data science approaches in this broad context.

One important question, for example, is how to quantify the manifold effects of climate extremes on ecosystems. In particular, they want to understand to what extent "biodiversity" buffers the effects of climate extremes on the functioning of ecosystems. Another important question is under which environmental conditions climate extremes trigger humanitarian disasters. The latest remote sensing data as well as novel data science methods will form the backbone of this work. The doctoral thesis will develop methods that can be integrated into the concept of the "Earth System Data Cube"ť.

University of Leipzig's primary aim is to foster excellence and pave your personal path to success. As such, they welcome other ideas as long as they are compatible with the overarching lab strategy and contribute to the new remote sensing centre and collaborations with other partners in the region.