IGARSS 2021: Tutorials

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Running from 10 July to 11 July 2021


Organisation: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (IGARSS)

On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July 2021 a series of half-day and full day tutorials will be organised virtually via the online event platform. IGARSS 2021 participants can register for a tutorial via the IGARSS 2021 official registration form. 



  • FD-1: Sentinel-1 Persistent Scattering Interferometry for Ground Motion
  • FD-2: Machine Learning in Remote Sensing - Theory and Applications for Earth Observation
  • FD-3: Natural disasters and hazards monitoring using Earth Observation data
  • FD-4: Large scale classification of satellite images time series with Iota2 software
  • FD-5: From Big EO Data to Digital Twins: Hybrid AI and Quantum based Paradigms
  • FD-6: Scalable Machine Learning with High Performance and Cloud Computing


  • HD-2: All you need to know about learning with limited labels for remote sensing
  • HD-3: Hands-on openEO: access cloud platforms using your preferred programming language
  • HD-4: Compressed Sensing, Finite-Rate-of-Sampling, and Sub-Nyquist Processing for Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • HD-6: The ARTMO toolbox for analyzing and processing of remote sensing data into biophysical variables