Media Workshop: "International Communication on climate change"

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This year's edition of the International Weather and Climate Forum (FIMC2021) will be hosted by EUMETSAT. On 17 and 18 June they will organise a media workshop on the topic "International Communication on Climate Change moderated by Helga VAN LEUR, Meteorologist & Ambassador Climate, Sustainability and Behaviour (NL).

Interested? Be quick, registration closes today (June 14th)!


Day 1 – Thursday 17 June 2021

  • 09:15 Opening video – Welcome to EUMETSAT
  • 09:20 Official opening by EUMETSAT Director-General Phil EVANS  and Jean JOUZEL, President of Meteo et Climat

Future Focus – Weather+ PART 1

EUMETSAT is shaping the future of weather forecasting.
EUMETSAT’s next generation of satellites will deliver data faster and with a higher resolution, thus empowering weather forecasters and climate scientists with unprecedented tools and information.

  • 09:50 EUMETSAT contribution to regional weather forecasting and nowcasting, Elin BJÖRK JONASDOTTIR, Meteorologist,  Icelandic Meteorological Office
  • 10:05 Satellite observations and global weather forecasting, Tony McNALLY, Principal Scientist ECMWF
  • 10:20 More than weather…climate monitoring, oceans, flood forecasting, fires, air quality (Copernicus), dust, ash, Paolo RUTI, Chief Scientist, EUMETSAT
  • 10:35 Meet the satellites – MTG and EPS-SG, 3D animations, Mark HIGGINS, Training Manager, EUMETSAT
  • 10:50 Future generations of weather satellites – capabilities & impact on forecasting and nowcasting,Stephan BOJINSKI, MTG Applications and User Support Expert,EUMETSAT
  • 11:05 Break video

Future Focus – Weather+ PART 2

  • 11:35 Discover EUMETView, an Online Map Service that provides data visualisation through a customisable web user interface Mark HIGGINS, Training Manager, EUMETSAT
  • 11:50 Virtual Tour of Geostationary Mission Control Room, Gareth WILLIAMS, Head of the Flight Operations Division, EUMETSAT
  • 12:05-13:30 Lunch break

Focus on Africa

EUMETSAT delivers data in near-real time to the African National Weather Services, thus supporting their positive impact on the African sustainable development.

  • 13:30 Supporting Africa – providing data, EUMETCast stations, RARS Africa, SAF for Africa, training. MTG and Africa (incl artwork) – Vincent GABAGLIO,  International relations officer, EUMETSAT
  • 13:50 Role of satellite observations in weather forecasting and climate monitoring in Africa, Lee-Ann SIMPSON, Meteorological Trainer, South African Weather Services
  • 14:10 Break

Decade of Ocean for Sustainable Development

Decision-makers rely increasingly on satellite data to create the conditions for a sustainable development of the Ocean.

  • 14:15 How satellite data support countries in creating improved conditions for sustainable development of the Ocean? – Jörg SCHULZ, Climate Service and Product Manager, EUMETSAT
  • 14:35 Role of satellite observations in ocean monitoring, Sea Ice Observation – Thomas LAVERGNE, Research Scientist, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
  • 14:55 Keeping in contact, and feedback on the day – Paul COUNET, Head of Strategy, Communication & International Relations, EUMETSAT
  • 15:10 Break
  • 15:15 Act on climate change with the “Warming Stripes” campaign  – Michael SECKLER, UNFCCC & Ed HAWKINS, University of Reading
  • 15:40 End the day

Hosted by Helga VAN LEUR, Ambassador Climate, Sustainability and Behaviour, Meteorologist since 1994 and broadcast meteorologist for 20 years at RTL The Netherlands

Day 2 – Friday 18 June, 2021

Broadcasting Climate News – Insider Insights from ECMWF Coperncisu Services, Euronews and CNN

Moderated by Özden TERLI, Meteorologist, Climate Communicator & Weather Presenter at ZDF (Germany)

  • 09:00 Panel discussion with ECMWF Copernicus Services media partners Euronews, by Jeremy WILKS (France), CNN, by Brandon MILLER (US), and Copernicus Climate Change Service Senior Scientist Freja VAMBORG
  • 10:00 Q&A session “Material for media from ECMWF Copernicus Services” with Jeremy WILKS, Brandon MILLER and Freja VAMBORG
  • 10:30 Break

Climate from Earth and Space– ESA

  • 10:45 “Media Material from ESA Earth Observation” by Robert MEISNER (ESA) Earth Observation Outreach & Φ-Experience coordinator and “Climate from Space – communicating beyond science and policy” by Sophie HEBDEN Future Earth Research Coordinator – Earth observations (seconded to the ESA Climate Office by Future Earth)
  • 11:40 ESA – live visit of the ESOC Control Room by Daniel MESPLES Sentinel-5p Spacecraft Operations Manager (ESA)
  • 12:10-14:00 Lunch break

Communicating Climate Change: What is Next?

  • 14:00 Official opening by Prof. Petteri TAALAS, Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)
  • 14:05 Discussion “COP26 – Stakes and ambition of the next United Nations conference on climate change in Glasgow”. Moderated by Bernadette WOODS PLACKY, Climate Central Chief Meteorologist (US) with Jonathan LYNN, Head of Communications and Media Relations, IPCC John HAY, Newsroom Chief Editor, UNFCCC
  • 15:00 Break video “climate planet”

Communicating Climate Change – Roadmap and Best Practices in the Media

  • 15:15 Discussion “Roadmap and best practice on Communicating Climate Change”. Sharing knowledge and best practice for better communicate on climate change. Weathercasters and journalists discussion group about Climate matters in weather reports Moderated Karine DURAND, journalist environmental specialist with Ada MONZON, WKAQ (Porto Rico), Anika De BEER, Restore Africa Funds (South Africa), Alex DEAKIN, UK Met Office (Great Britain) – and Anju SINGH, Doordarshan (India)
  • 16:40 Synthesis of the Discussion Groups by Jesper THEILGAARD, journalist (Denmark)
  • 17:00 Closing official by Helga VAN LEUR (The Netherlands) and Christian VANNIER (FIM, France)