Ocean Environment Scientist

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About the organisation

UKHO is an executive agency, sponsored by the Ministry of Defence. They work with a wide range of data partners to chart the world's oceans in order to develop and serve world leading software and data solutions to commercial shipping companies, navies and maritime organisations. UKHO's products ensure safe navigation and global trade efficiency and support other marine activities including economic development, environmental protection, resource exploration and utilisation, scientific research and security and defence.

This role sits within the Ocean Environment Team – part of the wider Scientific Analysis Group. The team is specifically responsible for managing a diverse range of marine environmental data (e.g. tidal, marine biological, oceanographic, geological, acoustic and ocean climatological) to support the UKHO's input into commercial, SOLAS, MOD and Allied requirements.

About your role

UKHO's customers require professional advice and a range of situational awareness products providing information about the marine environment to assist in their planning. To support this, the Ocean Environment Team within the Scientific Analysis Group, acquires data from a variety of sources and analyses this data for subsequent use.

The purpose of this post is to provide the expertise necessary to advise on the use of environmental data and development to provide an assessment of the environmental conditions likely to be encountered. This will be achieved through:

  • Collaborations with NGO/scientific communities;
  • Undertaking analysis of ocean physical property data to derive representative visualisations of the expected marine environmental conditions;
  • Developing a good understanding of customer needs;
  • Continuously reviewing methodology and working practices in order to provide a better service, more efficiently.