openEO Virtual User Workshop

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Organisation: openEO

openEO hosts a (virtual) user workshop on 19 October 2020 and encourages interested parties to register for this event.

openEO is a user-driven open source API, which grants a uniform communication between the Earth Observation (EO) data user community and diverse EO cloud service providers. Thus, it aims for a cross-platform interoperability to ease a comparison, the cooperation and the switch between them. The project consortium (H2020 Grant No 776242) released a stable version of the openEO API, covering standardised online processing of all aspects of an EO data life cycle on diverse cloud platforms.

In this User Workshop, the audience is provided with insight into the functionalities of the openEO API. In various live demonstration and training sessions, real demonstration cases will be explained from the user perspective. Possible applications of the openEO API will be presented for different access levels – from the use of programming languages to browser based model builders or mobile applications. Target audience for this event are programmers, decision makers, as well as third-party cloud EO service providers.

A detailed agenda, access modalities and suggested pre-processing steps to ensure an active participation in the training sessions will follow soon.