PhD Candidate "Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the West African Passive Margin: Senegal and The Gambia"

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Organisation: University of Manchester

A fully funded PhD studentship to start in Sept 2019 to examine the evolution of the MSGBC Basin along the Atlantic margin of Senegal and The Gambia. The study will focus on interpretation of an extensive seismic database donated by TGS, PGS and Spectrum, together with data supplied by Petrosen. The aim is to refine our understanding of the structure, stratigraphic architecture, subsidence history, palaeogeography and facies trends across the margin. The work will integrate the seismic with data from DSDP and ODP boreholes, exploration wells (cuttings data and wireline log data), limited outcrop studies and analysis of onshore / offshore seismic and gravity / magnetic data to define structural and stratal relationships and sedimentary facies. Comparison will be made with work being undertaken in Morocco, and studies already ongoing in Senegal to examine the relationships of the Jurassic and Cretaceous depositional trends along the NW Africa margin and the conjugate margin offshore USA / Canada.

This 4-year PhD project will include generation of regional TWT, Depth and thickness maps for key horizons and regional unconformities, tied to the available borehole data. Detailed seismic facies analysis will also be undertaken using state of the art workstation software. The aim is to improve understanding of the structural history of passive margin basins, and the controls on depositional style, location of sinks and generation of unconformities within the basins. A key aspect will be to use available data to assess timing and rate of subsidence and the resultant basin fill. This will allow integration with the ongoing provenance study onshore Senegal and regional studies being undertaken on geochronology of the hinterland uplift history.