Post-doctoral researcher in geophysics and instrumentation

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Organisation: CEA/DAM Ile de France

The objective of this post-doctoral position is to develop on-site calibration methods for application at environmental monitoring stations. For this purpose, long-term continuous records from well identified sources detected in the broadband coherent background noise (between 0.01 Hz and 5 Hz) (e.g. volcanoes, microbaroms generated by the interaction of ocean gravity waves) will be used to develop in-situ calibration techniques (e.g. Gabrielson, 2011). Series of field experiments will be conducted at the German IMS station and thanks to the ARISE infrastructure facilities at the multi-technology Haute-Provence observatory. The measurement stability will be evaluated through various installation conditions and environmental exposures, leading to enhanced knowledge of system performance in operational conditions. These calibration experiments aim at improving the overall performance of the monitoring station through the establishment of primary measurement standards, and the application of measurement uncertainty principles. The resulting calibration capability will underpin new measurement services, will be embodied in ISO standards, and will bring key metrology concepts and recommendations for microbarometer deployment strategies.