Postdoc position on Remote Sensing of Vegetative Systems

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Organisation: KU Leuven


The University of Leuven is looking for a postdoc researcher to perform research, support teaching activities and take up project coordination tasks within the KU Leuven Remote Sensing & Terrestrial Ecology group, headed by Prof. Ben Somers. Their research focusses on studying the role, vitality and stability of plant species and their communities in (sub)urban and semi-natural environments. The most recent developments in remote sensing technology are exploited to quantify vegetation structure and functioning at various temporal and spatial scales. Through integration of remote sensing, GIS and in situ observations in spatial explicit modeling routines you will explore how, and to what extent, different plant species and/or plant assemblages contribute to ecosystem services. Central in their approach is the concept of “nature-based solutions” which refers to the use of nature in tackling today’s environmental challenges such as climate change, environmental pollution, food security, water resources management, natural disaster risk management, etc. More specifically theproject portfolio is organized along three thematic research lines: urban ecology, functional ecology and vegetation dynamics monitoring. Depending on your experience and personal interests you will be involved in one or more of these research lines.