Postdoctoral Investigator in the area of Ocean Colour Remote Sensing

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At the Institute of Coastal Research, the department of "Remote Sensing" is investigating biogeochemical and -optical properties of seawater and their determination from satellite remote sensing with a focus on optically complex coastal waters. For these investigations, a unique set of instruments for the determination of hyperspectral absorption and scattering properties of water as well as algorithms for their estimation from Earth observations is developed and used.

The institute invites applications for a postdoctoral investigator position in the area of Ocean Colour Remote Sensing. It is part of the recently funded project "PhytoDive" (Global Phytoplankton Diversity and Productivity in the Coastal Ocean) and it is the aim to better understand and estimate phytoplankton diversity and primary production on different spatial and temporal scales. The position is initially limited to three years.

Your tasks
  • radiative transfer simulations for ocean optics
  • development of water quality algorithms
  • statistical accuracy assessment and validation of ocean colour satellite products using in situ data
  • scientific evaluation of remote sensing data with respect to phytoplankton diversity and productivity
  • planning of and participation in international research campaigns
  • scientific publications and presentations at national and international conferences and workshops