Postdoctoral positions in environmental sciences, soil sciences, remote sensing, geography, mathematics, physics, engineering or related field

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The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is recruiting postdoctoral researchers for its Exploratory Research Programme in the field of environment, natural resources and sustainability for the following projects:

  • "Understanding the links between SOil pollution and CancEr" (SOLACE) with special emphasis on the investigation of the potential relationship between the occurrence of specific cancers and levels of soil pollution. Code: 2021-IPR-A5001-FGIV-016728 - ISPRA
  • FORest BIOdiversity and RESilience from Space" (ForBioRes) with special emphasis on quantifying tree diversity and resilience of forests with advanced remote sensing and data analytics. Code: 2021-IPR-A5001-FGIV- 016649 - ISPRA
  • AI-enhanced Agro-Climate Service" (AIACS) with special emphasis on AI methods for the detection and characterization of unfavourable climate conditions and extremes and for informed decision support. Code: 2021-IPR-A5001-FGIV-016650 - ISPRA