Postdoctoral Researcher Position: Ice-ocean interactions of polar ice sheets using ice-flow modelling and radar data analysis

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Organisation: University of Tübingen

The Emmy Noether research group "Geophysics and Glaciology" (Jr. Prof. R. Drews) at the University of Tübingen, Germany, seeks a postdoctoral researcher in the field of ice-ocean interactions of polar ice sheets. Depending on the candidate’s interest, research goals are either

  1. re-construction of the ice-sheets atmospheric and oceanographic history from the internal ice stratigraphy, or
  2. development of advanced subsurface radar imaging techniques for detection of in-ternal ice properties (e.g. ice anisotropy, ice temperature) and 3D features at the ice base (e.g. subglacial conduits).

The initial contract is for 2 years with the possibility of a 2 year extension.

Applications are sought from candidates with a PhD in geophysics, environmental physics, mathematics, geosciences, engineering and related areas. Research tasks include polar/alpine field-work, ice-dynamic forward modelling & inversion integrating geophysical data, or development of a rover-towed system equipped with phase-sensitive radars and corresponding radar signal processing.

The research group is open for applications from persons with diverse backgrounds and value teamwork and personal development. The geoscience department at the University of Tübingen is one of the biggest in Germany offering many possibilities for interdisciplinary research including on ice mechanics (Prof. P. Bons, Prof. I. Weikusat) and glacial erosion (Prof. T. Ehlers).