Professor in Earth Observation and Geodesy

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Organisation: Aalborg University

At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Planning, Aalborg or Copenhagen, one or more positions as Professor in Earth Observation and Geodesy is open for appointment from 1 March 2020 or soon hereafter. The field of the Department of Planning incudes development and planning in a broad sense, and thereby it ranges from the social science aspects of development like environmental management, physical planning, sector planning, land management, to technical subjects such as surveying and geoinformatics.

Job description

The position requires research qualifications at Senior Doctoral level within a broad range of fields related to earth observations and geodesy. The applicant is expected to have experience within geodetic topics like positioning, GNSS, land surveying, and reference frames as well as within Earth Observation related to climate change from satellites and airborne platforms. In addition, you are expected to strengthen the collaboration with the national mapping agencies GST (The Danish Geodata Agency) and SDFE (Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency). Societal challenges like climate change is an important research topic at the Department of Planning and experience with monitoring of climate indicators will be considered an advantage.

Teaching will primarily be in surveying as part of our master programme in Land Management, Surveying and Mapping, but also in topics related to earth observation and in other study programmes at the University. Teaching as well as research is carried out in an international environment regarding students, staff, and research projects.