Project Manager Remote Sensing

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Organisation: VITO Remote Sensing

Job description

You will be full time employed as a project & bid manager in VITO’s Remote Sensing team. This means that you will manage large projects & offers (up to a few meuro) for institutional clients like the European Commission, the European Space Agency, or the United Nations. While the majority of your portfolio will be institutional clients, also commercial clients could be part of your account. You will be in charge of projects from initiation to closing, making sure the work gets done efficiently and satisfactorily.

This function requires expert skills with respect to project & bid management. You should be able to handle large and complex projects & tenders, where you take the lead over an international partnership. This requires excellent management skills, negotiation power, planning & budgeting experience, and a delegating attitude. You should be a borne problem solver and in the end create the perfect environment for your internal and external R&D colleagues who perform the scientific work.

You don’t have to be an expert in remote sensing, GIS or data science. But a sound understanding of these domains and knowledge of the ecosystem in which we operate is a strong asset.

In VITO you will report on the progress of your projects to the Programme Manager and the management team. Outside VITO you will communicate frequently with clients and partners. Hence, excellent writing and presenting skills are key.

Job requirements

VITO is looking for a senior profile, creative and highly motivated, with at least the following qualifications:

  • A Master or PhD degree related to bioscience engineering, civil engineering, or environmental sciences;
  • Proven knowledge and expertise in project and bid management. Experience in all core PM duties through project start up, design, procurement, execution and handover stages;
  • Proven knowledge and expertise in effective Project Management techniques;
  • A project management certificate is an asset;
  • Knowledge on remote sensing, geo-information systems and data science, is definitely a plus
  • Strong customer focus, a borne problem solver;
  • The ability to make decisions, act on your own initiative and operate in a pro-active way;
  • A proactive and flexible working attitude;
  • A cool-headed attitude, also when things get difficult;
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills in English;
  • Excellent team/client interpersonal skills
  • A strong interest to work in an international environment.