Remote sensing Adjacency Correction (RAdCor) call for early adopters

The RAdCor project is looking for collaborators for interactive development and validation of a sensor-generic atmospheric correction code accounting for adjacency effects to be implemented in ACOLITE.

The objective is to select 5 research teams with quality matchup data under a variety of environmental conditions (illumination, water composition, surrounding land type, shore morphology, etc). The mode of collaboration depends on the research teams, but are expected to fall into two categories: (1) Collaborators will share in situ data with the RAdCor team; (2) The RAdCor team will provide processed imagery and access to early versions of the code. The selected research teams will be periodically invited to join online meetings to discuss the performance of the code. A joint publication is expected at the conclusion of the project.

For more information on how to apply, access the early adopters page of the RAdCor website. Applications are open until September 30, 2023.