Research Associate in Physical Geography

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Organisation: Cardiff University

The School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Cardiff University is a dynamic and successful multi-disciplinary centre devoted to research in the disciplines of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) position based in Cardiff on a joint project: "Aeolian dust responses to regional ecosystem change" with colleagues at Jornada Experimental Range (JER) / New Mexico State University (NMSU) funded by the USA National Science Foundation (NSF) - UK Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC).

Working with Dr. Adrian Chappell and Dr. Nick Webb and colleagues in the USA, the Cardiff PDRA will develop and apply an existing dynamic dust emission scheme and analyse arising data to quantify the impacts of regional ecosystem changes on North American dust emissions across several scales. The larger project will utilize national ecological monitoring datasets, sensor networks, remote sensing and numerical modeling to characterize how Great Basin, Upper Colorado River Basin and Chihuahuan Desert ecosystems are changing in response to different disturbance mechanisms, identify structural and functional thresholds associated with vegetation state transitions and aeolian processes, and quantify dust emission responses at the regional scale.