Research Associate in Water Resource Systems Modelling and Analysis

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Organisation: University of Oxford

The School of Geography and the Environment of the University of Oxford is seeking to recruit an ambitious water resource systems modeller to join their team researching sustainable infrastructure and the management of natural resources. The systems modeller will join two interdisciplinary research projects. You will be managing your own academic research and administrative activities. The MaRIUS project has developed new models, methodologies and datasets to enable drought risk management. A large ensemble of climate simulations (using the weather@home simulation system) was coupled with national hydrological modelling. A national water resource system model for England and Wales has been developed using the WATHNET modelling system. They are seeking to appoint a Research Associate who will work with them to generate innovative research results using the national WATHNET model and help to make the system available to practitioners in government and industry. You will be developing existing and developing new research methodologies and materials.

The Oxford Martin Programme on Transboundary Resource Management, is an ambitious programme that will use systems analysis of transboundary water and energy resources to support transboundary cooperation. Within this project you will quantify water and energy resource use in the lower Jordan river basin and use simplified systems models to explore future scenarios and options for sustainable resource management.