Researcher Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and land monitoring

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Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is looking for a 

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) specialist for land monitoring

As a researcher you execute and shape applied research in the domain of SAR remote sensing in combination with optical RS data linked to vegetation in the application domains of agriculture and nature.  This means that your work will have an emphasis on Remote Sensing-enabled Essential Biodiversity Variables (RS-EBVs) including plant traits such as phenology, biomass, vegetation height and structure, next to monitoring agriculture, crop classifications, crop area estimates, identification farming activities such as mowing, crop yield estimation, and environmental variables (all related to CAP). You will integrate Radar and Optical remote sensing by software engineering (including programming) in applications (e.g. with Sentinel 1 and 2). For this reason you will work closely with other researchers in the field of optical remote sensing, land monitoring, crop yield forecasting, UAVs, big data analysis, and software engineering, within a data driven and quantitative systems approach. You acquire and position your research in a national and international context, in collaboration with colleagues and international partners.

Tasks combine project leadership of smaller to medium-sized projects, project execution (with data, models and remote sensing products), presentation of research results, training, project acquisition together with team mates and customer consultation.

You will do all of this in an ideal working environment. Our campus is an inspiring, green place to work, and has been selected as the most sustainable campus in the world multiple times. Besides that, we have an impressive ranking in several fields, with a #1 ranking for environmental science, ecology and agriculture, as well as very strong rankings in other fields. Finally, as for education, Wageningen University has been chosen as the “Best University” in the Netherlands for the 15th consecutive time.