Science Lead for Destination Earth

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ECMWF is recruiting a Science Lead to work on Earth-system science activities of DestinE.

The DestinE Science Lead will be responsible for the development and implementation of the Earth-system science elements of ECMWF’s contribution to DestinE in coordination with ESA and EUMETSAT and will supervise the Earth-system science components procured to external partners. They will be a member of the DestinE Management Team under the supervision of the Director of DestinE. The selected individual will be responsible for the successful delivery of this federated framework in collaboration with nominated contacts at ESA & EUMETSAT.

The scope of this role is to develop and deliver the digital twin simulation, assimilation and use-case components towards operational production. The resources will be provided through ECMWF’s own staff assignments and those allocated to contractual partners.

The successful candidate will work closely with the DestinE Director, Digital Technology and Partnership Leads, the ECMWF Directors of Research and Forecasting and with other members of the ECMWF Senior Management Team, to ensure that the DestinE simulation, assimilation, evaluation and application products fulfil current and evolving user needs and expectations, both in terms of products and quality of service.

The Science Lead will establish and maintain strong relationships with the DestinE partners and contracted consortia and promote the ECMWF DestinE outcomes with stakeholders and user communities. Together with the DestinE Director, the successful candidate will provide regular progress reports to the European Commission.

This is a leadership role within ECMWF and will operate through matrix-management across the organisation, with ECMWF science developments delivered from within existing teams, and will contribute to the relevant parts of the ECMWF Strategy delivery led by the Director-General.

As part of ECMWF's Leadership Team, this role will be responsible for leading and/or coordinating strategic, cross-cutting, inter-dependent projects in an operational environment, which will involve close collaboration and frequent interaction with a variety of internal and external experts, users and partner organisations and programmes including ECMWF’s Copernicus activities. These projects require linking related activities across departments distributed across multiple ECMWF locations and partner institutes.

This role will involve frequent travel within Europe.