Scientific assistant: Precipitation type

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The Observation Scientific Service of the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium invites applications for a scientific assistant. The selected candidate will join the Radar and lightning detection group for a 2-year research project on the identification of  precipitation type (e.g. rain, hail, snow) making use of weather radar measurements, numerical weather prediction (NWP), and conventional and crowdsourced ground observations. 

The type of hydrometeors can be estimated at the height of radar measurements using dual-polarization radar data and temperature information. For deriving hydrometeor classification at ground level, physically-based approaches can be followed simulating the transformation (essentially melting) of  hydrometeors between the radar measurement height and the ground. Data-driven approaches, e.g. machine learning techniques, can be explored as well. Both approaches require an extensive dataset of ground observations of precipitation type. However, such observations are hardly available from conventional observation networks. Citizen observations collected through the reporting functionality of the RMI smartphone app are now available and will be extensively used in the project.