Scientist in Earth System Assimilation

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The organisation

ECMWF is both a research institute and a 24/7 operational service, producing global numerical weather predictions and other data for its Member and Co-operating States and the broader community. ECMWF carries out scientific and technical research to improve its forecasts, runs one of the largest supercomputer facilities in Europe and manages a long-term archive of meteorological data.

Your role within ECMWF

The Scientist will work in the UV and Visible Observations Group, in the Earth System Assimilation Section of the Research Department at ECMWF and will be responsible for developing a prototype system to compare the model to visible reflectance in cloudy scenes, using observations from satellites, as a first step towards direct reflectance assimilation in cloudy areas. This work will be mostly funded by the Monitoring of Cloudy Visible Radiances (CloVIS) project. Work has been done in the group to assimilate visible radiance for aerosol applications under the ESA-funded Aerosol Reflectance Assimilation Study. This position will utilize some of the tools developed in the ARAS project.

The successful applicant should have knowledge of the use observations in Numerical Weather Prediction with either direct experience of satellite data assimilation or relevant experience which could be readily applied to this problem.