Seminar Digital Twins for Earth Sciences: How to prepare your infrastructure?



Organisation: SURF

Destination Earth is a major European program to build Digital Twins of Earth for a sustainable future. It will deliver huge data amounts to support research and policies. This seminar introduces the concept of Digital Earth Twins and we discuss together how the Dutch research community can prepare their infrastructure to make full use of the data.

Destination Earth

Destination Earth (DestinE) aims to develop – on a global scale - a highly accurate digital model of the Earth to monitor and predict the interaction between natural phenomena and human activities. DestinE will unlock the potential of digital modeling of the Earth system at a level that represents a real breakthrough in terms of accuracy, detail, access-to-information, speed and interactivity.

Through the unprecedented observation and simulation capabilities of DestinE, empowered by  a new digital infrastructure (incl. EuroHPC Exascale systems) and AI capacity, we will be better prepared to respond to major natural disasters, adapt to climate change and predict the socioeconomic impact. DestinE supports the European Commission’s Green Deal action and Digital Strategy. 

Challenges for researchers

The amount of data available for Earth Sciences research is ever-growing. DestinE, on the one hand, will incorporate cutting-edge models and real-time measurements but, on the other hand, also generate huge amounts of new data. How can researchers ensure that they are ready to process and analyze this data for innovative research? Which infrastructures are already available and what is lacking?

This seminar brings together interested parties to discuss these questions and build the collaborations needed to prepare the Dutch research community for DestinE.

For whom

Researchers, Program managers, IT support, Data scientists


This seminar is organized by SURF in cooperation with the Netherlands Space Office (NSO).