Teach with Earth from Space: Climate and Scientific Methodology (Secondary)

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Starting in 3 days


Organisation: ESA

This session is open to secondary school teachers

Earth observation satellites help us to see our home planet in a new and unique way. From above, they can observe different features to those we see when we look from the ground.  Studying these features can tell us about the health of the Earth, our weather, our climate, the oceans and much more.

In these training sessions you will explore how some of the most important indicators scientists use to study climate change can support your science lessons. We will also explore the EO Browser, an online tool that provides easy and free access to satellite images from different Earth Observation missions in order for you to bring satellites to the classroom! 

The online trainings are open to primary school teachers of STEM-related subjects residing and working within any ESA Member State. Teachers from Canada, Slovenia, Latvia and Malta may also apply, due to specific agreements with ESA. 

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