Team hire (3 PhD students & 2 PostDocs) Within ERC Project FIREICE: Fire in the land of ice

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These vacancies are part of a prestigious Consolidator project funded by the European Research Council (ERC). FireIce is an interdisciplinary project combining field, remote sensing and modeling approaches to study feedbacks between climate warming and fires in the northern high latitudes. The project includes funding for several field campaigns in eastern Siberia. Project partners of FireIce include Woodwell Climate Research Center, Northern Arizona University and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Close interaction with NASA’s Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) will be sought.

Team hire

A team of 3 PhD students and 2 postdocs will be hired. The team will tackle several challenging topics focused on climate-fire feedbacks in the northern high latitudes, including:

  • Carbon emissions from arctic-boreal fires
  • Fire-induced permafrost degradation and associated greenhouse gas emissions
  • Controls on lightning ignition and fire growth

For topic 1 and 2, a combination of field and remote sensing approaches is required. For topic 2, interest or affinity with InSAR is advantageous. Topic 3 will combine large circumpolar climate and satellite datasets. For topic 3, affinity with lightning modeling is an asset.