VOLTAIRE Post Doctoral Positions

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Deadline 30 September 2020


Organisation: Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) VOLTAIRE 2

The Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) VOLTAIRE 2 in Orleans (France) will fund post-doctoral positions including in the following field:

Impacts of reactive emissions from volcanoes and fires up to the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

This postdoctoral work will be localized at LPC2E/CNRS in Orleans, France. It will focus on the emissions by extreme events, i.e. volcanoes and vegetation fires, which both release highly reactive gases and particles, affecting the composition and the radiative balance up to the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS). Measurements (ground-based, balloons, aircrafts and satellites) and numerical modelling (regional and global) will be combined to fully characterise these sources of gases and their impacts.