AI4Copernicus Day 2021 — EO and AI for a Safer World

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Débute le 30 novembre 2021

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Organisation: Royal Military Academy, Skywin, ISSeP, Spacebel, VITO

The Copernicus Relays of Belgium (Skywin, ISSeP, Spacebel and VITO), the Belgian Royal Military Academy and Switch to Space have the pleasure of inviting you to their upcoming hot topic event “Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence for a Safer World”, the second edition of the AI4Copernicus conference.

Focussing on Security and Defence, the 2021 event to take place at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels will highlight the interaction between EO and AI for a safer world.

Besides the more military applications, several thematic fields will be addressed:

  • Infrastructure
  • Human safety with regard to migration, health and commodity
  • Food security and agriculture
  • Natural resources and environment.

This year, the conference will also be on-line.

Further details are available on the dedicated website and social media.

Please note that registration is free but mandatory for all on-site and online participants.