Data Analyst with Remote Sensing Expertise

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Deadline 31 octobre 2020

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Organisation: Unique Forestry and land use


UNIQUE is a leading consulting firm for sustainable natural resource management, with a specific focus on forestry, agriculture and climate change. UNIQUE’s headquarters are located in Freiburg at the foot of the Black Forest, in the Southwest of Germany.

UNIQUE is seeking to recruita data analyst with remote sensing expertise as part of his digital technology team. The team is analyzing satellite imagery and large datasets (BigData) using standardized processing algorithms, as well as incorporating the latest technology (e.g. machine learning and cloud processing). The digital technology team is working on developing business applications for Earth Observatory data in the forest and land use sector, implementing large and national forest inventories including land cover assessments,as well as providing technical support for environmental protection surveys.

Tasks and responsibilities

As a data analyst you will work as part of the digital technology team –a service team working closely with our technical divisions (forestry, climate, agriculture & rural development) and focus on tasks that involve:

  • Remote Sensing based analysis: land use and land cover analysis.
  • Forest monitoring, agricultural production monitoring and carbon impact monitoring.
  • Data analysis: complex spatial analysis and modeling in cooperation with other consultants working on specific topics and datasets.
  • Integration of data processing algorithms with our existing digital tools and software.