EARSeL Liège 2021 – Earth Observation for sustainable cities and communities

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Organisation: EARSeL

Earth observation for sustainable cities and communities

The European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL), ISSEP's Remote Sensing and Geodata Unit (Belgium) and the Space Department of the Belgian Science Policy Office (Belgium) cordially invite you to attend the joint workshop on Earth Observation for sustainable cities and communities. 

This workshop is a combination of:

  • 6th EARSeL Joint Workshop Urban Remote Sensing
  • 4th joint EARSeL LULC & NASA LCLUC Workshop
  • 1st EARSeL Remote Sensing For UN Sustainable Development Goals Workshop

An initiative of the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) and the Scientific Institute of Public Service (ISSeP).

It will cover a wide range of topics:
  • Urban RS and its relevance in planning and policy
  • Multi Source Data for urban LU/LC applications
  • Urban Climatology and Environmental Modelling
  • Urban green and blue infrastructure identification
  • Use of Copernicus data
  • Remote Sensing of impervious surfaces
  • Remote Sensing approaches to smart city development
  • Fusing optical data with thermal-IR data
  • Urbanization on the account of arable lands
  • Slum detection and slum development
  • Cultural/natural heritage in urban context
  • LIDAR & 3D modelling
  • Use of deep learning
  • Use of hyperspectral data
  • RS and Urban Social Science Applications
  • Urban Growth Monitoring in developing countries
  • Using high-res commercial data in urban studies
  • Urban changes impacts on environment including carbon and water cycles

Be sure to check out the Call for Papers too!

The event will be fully virtual.