ESR/PhD position in the project "Using past and current reef response to physical stressors for model-based forecasting of reef distribution"

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As an Early Stage Researcher you will work on a project that is part of the MSCA Innovative Training Network "Past, present and future of turbid reefs in the Coral Triangle (4D-REEF) You will collaborate with 14 other ESRs and their supervisors in this international network.

Objectives of 4D-REEF

"Using a variety of paleo-ecological and present-day data, 4D-REEF investigates the hypothesis that turbid coastal environments provide a refuge for coral reefs in periods of warm climate".

The key questions to be addressed by the network are:

  • What was the biodiversity of turbid reefs in the past, in what habitats did the reefs grow in past warmer periods of the Earth's history, and how does this compare to the present?
  • What are the environmental constraints on ecosystem functions of turbid reefs?
  • How can we use information from past reefs to better understand the future trajectories of modern coral reefs, and apply this towards reef restoration actions?

By answering these questions, the researchers aim to understand the role of turbid reefs for the future of marine ecosystems in the Coral Triangle as they respond to anthropogenic environmental change.