Junior Remote Sensing Scientists (2 ECEP Posts)

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Organisation: EUMETSAT

The Remote Sensing and Products (RSP) Division at EUMETSAT is tasked with providing the scientific expertise required to develop, implement, validate, maintain and evolve the operational observational products for all EUMETSAT satellites and agreed third party missions, as well as establishing the user requirements for future EUMETSAT satellite programmes. Joining EUMETSAT as Junior Remote Sensing Scientists in RSP offers a unique opportunity to develop a professional career in a highly motivating environment.

Within the Remote Sensing and Products Division (RSP), the Junior Remote Sensing Scientists (2 Posts) will support the development, scientific validation and evolutions of level-1 and environmental products derived from data of imagers and microwave instruments of the current and future EUMETSAT satellite systems, and EUMETSAT operated third party missions such as the European Commission’s Copernicus Sentinel-3 and CO2M missions. One post will focus on the imagers Level-1 tasks while the other will support the microwave activities.

EUMETSAT is now inviting well-qualified candidates from its Member States to apply for the following posts: Junior Remote Sensing Scientist – Microwave Radiometry and Junior Remote Sensing Scientist – Image Navigation and Calibration.

The recruitment of the Junior Remote Sensing Scientists will take the form of an assessment centre over two days, after which the successful candidates will be assigned to a specific post based on their profile and relevant strengths. During the application process, candidates will be asked to declare if they have a preference for one or the other of the two posts. Preferences will be taken into account but cannot be guaranteed.


The main duties will be as follows:

  • Support the prototyping, operational implementation and evolution of advanced algorithms and processing software for FCI, SEVIRI, SLSTR, OLCI Level-1 processing;
  • Plan, develop and perform product calibration and validation activities with respect to FCI, SEVIRI, SLSTR and OLCI Level-1 products, including development of required tools and methods;
  • Support Meteosat Third Generation (MTG), Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) and Sentinel-3 mission operations with respect to processing anomalies, change requests, new processing baselines, and baseline regression testing;
  • Acquire and maintain an in depth understanding of the observational capabilities of passive microwave missions to support EUMETSAT and Copernicus users;
  • Develop or improve algorithms for the extraction of environmental and climate products in the areas of passive microwave radiometry, with respect to MHS, MWI, ICI, MWS, CIMR, taking into account requirements from user communities;
  • Support the prototyping, operational implementation, and evolution of algorithms and processing software for the extraction of products from data of EUMETSAT passive microwave instruments;
  • Support the quality monitoring, calibration and validation of operational passive microwave products, based on interactions with the user communities;
  • Assist with in-house and external scientific studies relevant to new scientific concepts for the future development of operational products; and
  • Play an active role in relevant operational and scientific interactions with the user communities.