Launch of the Walloon agrometeorological refence platform

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During this event (only in French), CRA-w will also have the opportunity to present its STEREO-funded BCGMSweb project. BCGMS is a brand new web platform allowing the dissemination, through maps and graphs, of indicators characterising crop development and growing conditions. 

This information will complement the information published thus far in the agrometeorological bulletins. These bulletins, which cover the Belgian agricultural regions, are produced at least 3 times a year by a consortium of Belgian research institutes (CRA-W, IRM/KMI, VITO), currently led by CRA-W. They provide an analysis of the ongoing growing season based on meteorological and remote sensing data and on field observations.

In the coming month we will keep you informed about the development of the Dutch and English versions of the platform, which are in the pipeline.