PhD position in glacial modeling

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The PhD position is part of the second phase of the DFG-funded priority program 2017 "Mountain Building Processes in Four Dimensions (4D-MB)", which seeks to explore how re-organizations of Earth’s mantle during the collision of tectonic plates have both immediate and long-lasting effects on crustal motion, fault kinematics, earthquake distribution and surface evolution. The advertised project, led by Prof. Dirk Scherler (GFZ) and Prof. Ricarda Winkelmann (PIK), will investigate the isostatic response of the European Alps to Quaternary glaciations. The research focus is on numerical modeling of the Alpine ice cover and the lithospheric deformation.

Your responsibilities:

  • develop a workflow that links ice models (e.g., PISM, iSOSIA) and lithospheric models
  • data compilation for model forcing and evaluation
  • conduct extensive numerical experiments
  • close collaboration within an interdisciplinary network of scientists and other doctoral students in Geology, Geodesy, Geophysics, and Geochemistry
  • present results at international conferences and in scientific publications
  • work in a team with other PhD students, postdocs, and staff