Pool tot Pool - Science day around climate and the polar regions

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Pole to Pole is a yearly recurring public lecture day in March. With lectures about the Arctic region around the North Pole and the world of the South Pole on and around Antarctica. The 14th edition of ‘Pole to Pole’ will take place on March 14th 2021. Pole to Pole is meant for everyone that is interested in the polar regions. This year Pole to Pole is organized in an alternative form; a livestream.

Satellietbeeld van de Visible Infared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) over Siberië op 21 juli 2019. Een grote rookpluim afkomstig van verschillende bosbranden in Siberië is duidelijk zichtbaar in het beeld. (Bron: NASA Earth Observatory)
Klik op het beeld om het in volle resolutie te zien.

This edition, interesting speakers will discuss various subjects; Christiaan de Kleijn will talk about the soil-nature-man relationship, Sander Veraverbeke will talk about how lightning causes fires around the world, Ruud Poortier will talk about the facts and fiction around the story of Nova Zembla, and Otto Plantema will talk about the albatrosses in the southern oceans. Tristan Visser will provide this year’s music.


  • 14:00 Music Tristan Visser
  • 14:15 Opening by presenter/chairman
  • 14:25 Speaker 1 – Christian de Kleijn
  • 15:10 Speaker 2 – Dr. Sander Veraverbeke
  • 15:55 Music Tristan Visser
  • 16:10 Speaker 3 – Dr. Ruud Poortier
  • 16:55 Speaker 4 – Dr. Otto Plantema
  • 17:40 Music Tristan Visser
  • 18:00 End