Postdoctoral Scientist (m/f) to work on high-resolution atmospheric modelling

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Assignment, division & context

Within BIRA-IASB, the Tropospheric Modelling Team is focusing on the emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere, the chemistry and role of chemical compounds involved in the budget of oxidants, and the derivation of emissions of trace gases from satellite data by inverse modelling.

Job description

In the frame of the PRODEX project TROVA (TROPOMI Validation), aiming to support satellite missions with evaluation of satellite products of air pollutants using high-resolution atmospheric modelling, we are looking for a postdoctoral scientist holding a recent Doctoral degree in Sciences, for a total duration of two years, starting from March 1st, 2022.
The project aims at an improved understanding of air composition in polluted regions through the use of satellite data and atmospheric modeling. It also intends to evaluate the quality of current satellite products and to develop expertise for supporting future space missions. The targeted species are nitrogen oxides (NOx), formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and ammonia, all very important for air quality and climate. To achieve these objectives, we will use the WRF-Chem (Weather Research Forecast with Chemistry) high-resolution atmospheric model to simulate air composition at spatial scales ranging from 15 km to below 1 km. WRF-Chem is an open-source community model. It is widely used to investigate air quality issues and as a tool for evaluating satellite
and other data at regional, local or city scale. The model will be used as an inter-comparison platform between ground-based, airborne and satellite data.