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Organisation: Heriot-Watt University

The successful candidate will be part of the Palaeo climate team at the Lyell Centre, and work on the project 'Fate of ocean oxygenation in a warming world' with Dr Babette Hoogakker. Oxygen is critical to the health of all higher life. Since the 1960s, oxygen concentrations in the oceans have decreased by 2%(Schmidto et al., 2017), a trend expected to continue and strengthen in the future, although to what extent is currently unclear. Part of this uncertainty relates to a poor understanding of the long-term natural ocean oxygen cycle, and the contribution of different oceanographic drivers. The project aims to significantly advance our understanding of the long-term ocean oxygen cycle and its drivers using palaeoceanographic reconstructions and climate model simulations across key climatic intervals.

The candidate will use existing and generate new climate model simulations using the Kiel Climate Model (KCM) and the Hadley Centre Coupled Model version 3 (HADCM3) to force marine biogeochemical models (PISCES &HadOCC) to investigate the effect that closing the American Seaway has on ocean biogeochemical cycling and ventilation. Comparison of the model simulations with FARGO's unique new datasets of O2 and drivers will provide a robust test to investigate if the biogeochemistry simulations are realistic and correct for these specific time periods and identify possible routes to improve them.