Scientist / Engineer to contribute to the development of a new class of air quality monitoring instruments

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BIRA-IASB is looking for a scientist, or an engineer to contribute to the development of a new class of air quality monitoring instruments. More specifically, the first tasks assigned will be related to the improvement of the “NO2 camera”, a spectral imager optimized for the visualization of NO2 concentrations in urban air, and industrial plumes. Besides contributions in the field of air pollution monitoring, and dispersion model validation, the successful candidate will investigate other applications of this instrument, such as airborne applications, or the addition of scientific capabilities (other molecules, particles).

Division, context

The successful candidate will join the Limb Sounding group within the Department of Solar Radiation in Atmospheres to take part in the development of innovative atmospheric remote sensing instruments (spaceborne, airborne, ground-based), and their scientific exploitation.


  • Contribute to the improvement of the NO2 camera prototype performance
  • Participate in the characterization of the spectrometric and radiometric properties
  • Refine the different scientific data processing algorithms
  • Take part in field campaigns
  • Take an active role in future application projects with other air quality institutes
  • Explore advanced capabilities involving radiative transfer models and AI-based techniques
  • Contribute to scientific publications, present results at conferences and meetings
  • Write proposals for new projects
  • Expand the scope of the instrument capabilities (more atmospheric targets, airborne applications, etc.)