Senior Scientist in Sea-Level Research

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About the organisation

The Nansen Center is an independent non-profit research foundation conducting multidisciplinary research with focus on the marine environment, cryosphere and atmosphere, where scientific activities are closely integrated with innovation and service development. The high latitude seas and Arctic Ocean is one of their main priority areas. The Nansen center takes active part in training and capacity building for students and young scientists, as well as in dissemination to stakeholders in public and private sector and society in general. They have an international workplace with about 70 employees from 28 nations.

The Nansen Centre is one of four partners in the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, where about 30 of the Nansen Centre staff is affiliated. The other partners in the Bjerknes Center are Institute of Marine Research, University of Bergen and NORCE.

About the job

The Nansen Center has a vacant permanent position for a Senior Researcher in sea-level dynamics and change, potentially also with management responsibility for a research group. The position is co-funded by the Nansen Center and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. The selected candidate shall, in coordination with the Bjerknes Centre, push forward and take lead on sea-level research from regional to global scales, bring in external research project funding, and assist in training. It is further expected that the selected candidate takes an active role in national and international assessments concerning sea level rise and its impacts.

If the candidate has the qualification and interest in management, he or she may, in addition, be offered the opportunity to lead a research group at the Nansen center and further be responsible for management and development of existing sea-level research. The research group actively participate in national and international projects targeting multi-sensor satellite-based calibration, algorithm development, mesoscale process studies and time series generation. Moreover, the candidate must initiate and maintain regular interaction and communication with the other Nansen Center research groups on ocean modelling, data assimilation, atmospheric boundary layer studies and climate research.