Two-year postdoctoral research fellow on modelling ecosystem stability to drought

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The Department of geosciences and natural resource management (IGN) is offering a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in vegetation modelling, Earth Observation and ecosystem science, with a focus on studying drought-induced vegetation mortality.

The position is part of the ‘DRYTIP’ project (2021-2026), financed by the VILLUM FONDEN and lead by Associate Professor Stéphanie Horion (IGN). The project aims at advancing fundamental and technical knowledge related to drought-induced vegetation mortality by coupling insights from Earth observation (EO), Dynamic Vegetation Model and Field ecology.

The postdoctoral research fellow will contribute to improved modeling of ecosystem stability to drought, including advancing the representation of drought impacts and drought-related mortality in ecosystem models. To do so, the postdoc will study a set of historical drought-induced vegetation die-offs in water and temperature limited biomes. The research focus will be on

  • gaining insights in the driving forces of vegetation mortality and recovery
  • contributing to improved understanding and quantification of detrimental thresholds for the different ecosystems studied.

The postdoc’s duties include research and outreach within the field of this call. The post may also include performance of other duties e.g., teaching and student supervision.