W2-Professorship "Digital Geography"

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The successful candidate will work at the interface between the application-oriented collection, evaluation and processing of geostatistical data as well as the critical analysis and interpretation of digitisation processes, and will design teaching programmes in this field. The candidate´s research interests should be compatible with the focal points of geography and have interfaces to the geosciences in Halle. The candidate should be specialized in topics from at least two of the following three research areas: Human geography, physical geography, human-environmental relations. Desirable research topics are socio-spatial transformations, land-use change and ecosystem services as well as on the geographical foundations and characteristics of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus. Spatial research focuses ideally on the „New Silk Road“ and the Global South.

Research and teaching should broadly cover the fields of monitoring and of statistical and geostatistical analyses of complex spatial data sets. The use of geographic information systems (GIS), methods of geovisualisation, geoinformation processing and geoinformatics as well as cartography are of particular importance. Also desirable are knowledge of new scientific approaches such as critical cartography, critical GIS or qualitative GIS as well as a critical understanding of the cognitive content of quantitative spatial data, e. g. in the interpretative visualisation of complex global interrelations.

In teaching, it is expected that the future position holder will cover the scientific content of geography as well as the acquisition, analysis, interpretation and visualisation of geodata in the Institute’s Bachelor and Master degree study courses and the teaching profession program (in German and English), and actively contribute to their further development.

Synergy effects with the existing professorships at the Institute of Geosciences and Geography and the Faculty in particular the Institute of Computer Science should result in the research focus „Gesellschaft und Kultur in Bewegung“. In addition, cooperation is expected with the university network of Halle-Jena-Leipzig and other national and international university and non-university research institutions.