Workshop: Introduction to the openEO platform

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Organisation: VITO Remote Sensing

With the fourth edition of the ESA Phi-Week currently underway (11 to 15 October 2021) the team at VITO Remote Sensing is proud to announce the first release of the openEO platform. The ESA Φ-week focuses on how to accelerate the future of Earth Observation (EO), presenting recent developments in EO Open Science and latest trends in EO markets. The perfect moment to release the openEO platform.

The openEO platform provides a uniform processing interface towards multiple European data and processing infrastructures. It allows users to explore and process small or large amounts of EO data while taking away the burden of managing virtual machines, parallelization and file-based data access. The openEO API’s allow you to express your workflow in a simple manner, while the platform takes care of selecting the right strategy to compute your result. 

This allows use cases from explorative research to large-scale production of EO-derived maps and information. This release integrates access to the Terrascope, EODC and the European Data Cube. Integration of CreoDIAS data and processing is scheduled for 2022.

Public launch at the ESA Φ-week 2021

Yesterday (Wednesday 13 October), the openEO platform’s lead scientist, Alexander Jacob (EURAC) presented an overview of openEO platform.

Tomorrow (Friday 15 October) from 14:00 – 17:00 CEST, the openEO team will give an in-depth introduction workshop into the capabilities of the service and show you how to get started. They will also give more information about the Early Adopters packages which you can apply for after the workshop.

Participation is possible after completing the ESA Phi Week registration.