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Project name Titletrier par ordre décroissant Programmes Status Project type
Agricultural land inventory in Africa: comparison of 4 different survey methods TELSAT 2 Past
Agricultural production and plant pathology TELSAT 2 Past
Agrohydrology and remote sensing TELSAT 2 Past
Analysis of agro-pastoral systems in regions suffering from environmental degradation TELSAT 2 Past
Cartography of geological structures via RS (Walloon test sites) TELSAT 2 Past
Cartography of lowland valleys in Africa via remote sensing TELSAT 2 Past
Cities and urban regions in developing countries TELSAT 2 Past
Correlation between meteomarine data and beach sediments dynamics: contribution of the teledetection (ERS1) TELSAT 2 Past
Crop inventory and land use / microwave approach TELSAT 2 Past
Demographic estimates via remote sensing for a pollution impact study in Morocco TELSAT 2 Past
Development of a spectrometer TELSAT 2 Past
Evaluation of the potential contribution of SAR imagery to forestry applications and of its complementarity with optical TELSAT 2 Past
Forest classification, weed biomass production and phytosanitary conditions of forests TELSAT 2 Past
Identification of flooded areas with ERS-1 SAR imagery (Walloon Region) TELSAT 2 Past
Landscape typology TELSAT 2 Past
Lithologic and mineral identification TELSAT 2 Past
Methodological development of cartographic applications TELSAT 2 Past
Microwaves and soil moisture TELSAT 2 Past
Monitoring of the actual evapo-transpiration, estimated by satellite imagery TELSAT 2 Past
Monitoring the wintering biotopes of birds in the Flemish Polders TELSAT 2 Past
Paleogeographic map of Malian Sahara on basis of NOAA satellite imagery TELSAT 2 Past
Processes of desertification : soil dynamics and geomorphology TELSAT 2 Past
Processes of desertification : types of vegetation and their evolution TELSAT 2 Past
Remote sensing and land information systems TELSAT 2 Past
Sea bottom topography mapping of the Belgian continental shelf TELSAT 2 Past
Software development for image-processing TELSAT 2 Past
Study of Wilderness areas in and around national parks of north Botswana TELSAT 2 Past
The agricultural inventory of Belgium in 1992 TELSAT 2 Past
Urban growth TELSAT 2 Past