Developing the use of Sentinel satellites constellation for monitoring inland water quality

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Organisation: Theia

The satellites of the Sentinel constellation, launched within the framework of the European Copernicus Programme, provide an unprecedented data flow for the observation of the environment. These satellites make it possible to develop new innovative applications such as monitoring the quality of continental waters: rivers, lakes, lagoons and estuaries.

This training aims to present how the data from the Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites make it possible to obtain cartographic products on key parameters of water quality with applications related to the study of soil erosion, sediment transport, eutrophication of water bodies, aquatic carbon flows or disaster monitoring. This content is based in particular on the work of the CES Colors of Continental Waters

During 5 days, the courses will present theoretical aspects on the optical properties of water, the stages of the processing of satellite images, but also practical with the realization of optical measurements as well as the manipulation of images and finalized products.

The training is aimed at a varied audience: researchers, doctoral or post-doctoral students, professionals in the water sector (basin agencies, environment department, etc.) from France or abroad, especially in southern countries. Coverage of travel/accommodation costs is possible for a limited number of participants.