Director Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)

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Organisation: ECMWF

About the organisation

ECMWF was created in 1975 by a group of European nations with the purpose of pushing the boundaries of science to improve weather forecasting for the benefit of its Member and Co-operating States, and the wider community. ECMWF is both a research institute and a 24/7 operational service, producing and disseminating numerical weather predictions to its Member and Co-operating States. ECMWF carries out scientific and technical research directed to the improvement of its forecasts, collects and processes large amounts of observations, and manages a long-term archive of meteorological data. ECMWF works closely with the national meteorological services of its Member and Co-operating States, supports the programmes of the World Meteorological Organisation, and collaborates with space agencies around the world. ECMWF’s scientific success over the past four decades is based on its collaborative approach.

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ECMWF is a major player in Copernicus, the European Union (EU) flagship Earth-observation programme. The programme ensures operational monitoring of the atmosphere, oceans, and continental surfaces, and provides reliable, validated information services for a range of environmental and security applications.

ECMWF has been entrusted to operate the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) on behalf of the European Commission until 2021. It also plays a key role in the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS) by being the computational centre for floods and fire predictions.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) service provides authoritative information about the past, present and future climate, as well as tools to enable climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies by policy makers and businesses.

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Summary of the role

The Director of Climate Change Service (C3S) is responsible for managing the delivery of ECMWF’s C3S services in accordance with the EC/ECMWF Delegation Agreement and strategy that has been agreed with the European Commission until 2021. The successful candidate will support the Director of Copernicus Services and will develop plans for the evolution of C3S, as well as concepts for new service elements such as the anthropogenic CO2 emissions monitoring activities, in coordination with the Director of Atmospheric Composition Service (CAMS) and other relevant teams of ECMWF. They will also take an active role in supporting the negotiations with the EC of the next delegation agreement under the EC 2021-2027 Multiyear Financial Framework.

The Director of C3S will support the Director of Copernicus Services in representing ECMWF at the European Commission, for Copernicus Climate Change related purposes and will maintain excellent stakeholder relationships with the Council Members of the ECMWF Member and Co-operating States, national governmental agencies and other stakeholders, with an interest in the work of C3S. The successful candidate will also be part of the Copernicus Management Team as well as the ECMWF Leadership Team and will work collaboratively with their peers to maintain seamless integration of C3S with the core activities of ECMWF.