Internal Research Fellow (PostDoc) in Quantum Computing for Earth Observation

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Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

You will carry out applied research in quantum computing with particular emphasis on developing new methods applicable to Earth observation. You will define and lead research projects addressing the objectives of the Φ-lab Quantum Computing for Earth Observation (QC4EO) initiative, and more generally ESA’s objectives. You will work closely with the Φ-lab team and network of partners to explore new ideas at the intersection between AI, QC, and EO. You will support and contribute to Φ-lab activities in the community related to your expertise.

In particular, you will :

  • perform the agreed applied research, contributing to current and future Φ-lab QC4EO use cases or methodologies (e.g. SAR phase unwrapping by quantum annealing, pattern recognition in EO data, quantum machine learning, quantum solving of differential equations);
  • develop algorithms and tools to take account of the specific characteristics of EO data sets and physical measurement principles, and apply them to a variety of EO data applications, (e.g. translate EO problems into QC algorithms);
  • prepare, validate and maintain large-scale training data sets, to be used for the development and evaluation of QC algorithms by international research and industrial communities;
  • organise and lead QC4EO challenges on proposed topics;
  • collaborate with academia and industrial partners on transferring research results to applications;
  • support the team in rapidly prototyping and evaluating solutions for application to EO data sets and challenges, particularly those relevant to ESA EO missions;
  • publish your research in top-ranked, peer-reviewed journals and conferences;
  • communicate and disseminate widely your results and tools (through social media, blog posts, open-source repositories, etc.).