Joint EO4GEO Summit and Copernicus 'Eyes on Earth' Roadshow

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This event is 100% free and available to all citizens in Europe and overseas. The online event activities and sessions promote innovation and application of space data skills to a wide range of business and initiative in all kinds of sectors such as, among many others, agriculture and forestry, health, mobility, large-scale emergencies, marine spatial planning, air quality, and engineering.​ They will also demonstrate how space data can be used to address challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

EO4GEO and the Copernicus 'Eyes on Earth' Roadshow are key initiatives of the EU Copernicus Earth Observation programme, instrumental to encourage user uptake of the Copernicus services and increase space data skills among EU citizens. EO4GEO is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, while the Copernicus 'Eyes on Earth' Roadshow is financed by the COSME programme

Participation in the Roadshow events is free of charge, but registration is needed!