PhD candidate Earth Observation of the response of estuaries to extreme events

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Organisation: University of Twente

The Department of Water Resources (WRS) of the Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) at the University of Twente is looking for a PhD student with expertise in coastal and estuarine systems and remote sensing.

The WRS Department works in the domains of Water and the Environment, focusing on water, food, energy and ecosystems security and sustainability. The department uses earth observation and in-situ ground truthing in combination with hydrologic and earth systems modelling and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for the assessment and monitoring of the water, energy and biogeochemical cycles to support planning and management of water resources and freshwater and coastal ecosystems under global change.

The aim of this PhD project is to study the response of estuarine ecosystems to extreme events. Estuarine systems are inherently dynamic, shaped both by water from the river and the sea. You will develop remote sensing techniques for estimating the impact of extreme events (e.g., high waves during storms, floods, droughts) on estuarine systems, using time-series of satellite images. You will investigate how estuarine systems respond, depending on the nature, and intensity of the extreme events, and how, how fast and under what conditions systems can recover and adapt to these impacts (for example via bio-morphological interactions). You will focus on the effects of extreme events on sediment dynamics and water quality in estuarine systems. The research will result in a PhD thesis.