PhD fellowship "la Caixa INPHINIT" in hydrological modelling and remote sensing in Mediterranean dehesa grasslands

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The research position is part of the H2020 Super-G project. The overall objective of the SUPER-G project is to co-develop sustainable PG systems and policies with farmers and policy makers that will be effective in optimising productivity, whilst supporting biodiversity and delivering a number of other ES.

This PhD project will work on integrating satellite estimates of soil moisture to hydrological modelling through various advanced data-model fusion frameworks. The work will be based on installing and maintaining several in-situ soil moisture sensor networks and analyzing the potential of novel satellite data from Sentinel-2. The relation between soil moisture (either in-situ measured or derived from remote-sensing) and grassland biomass production and quality will also be evaluated.

We are looking for candidates that hold an MSc degree in the field of Agriculture, Forestry or Environmental Engineering, Hydro(geo)logy or (Physical) Geography.

  • Have an interest and/ or experience in modelling (R, Python, Fortran), remote sensing and GIS.
  • Experience or interest in field work: working with soil moisture sensors and vegetation/soil sampling equipment.
  • The PhD will be based in Córdoba, Spain, at the Department of Agronomy that is a “Maria de Maeztu” Unit for Excellence