Research engineer in the automation of the 3D production chain

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The Geomatics Unit (UGEOM) of the University of Liège (ULIÈGE) is composed of twenty academic and scientific members, with a research focus on geographic information systems, cartography, GNSS, geodesy, topography, and 3D data acquisition (laser scanning, airborne LiDAR, photogrammetry, mobile mapping). It’s a part of a larger group within the SPHERES research unit (140 researchers). 


The Geomatics Unit is looking to recruit an engineer whose main objective will be to participate in a specific project with others industrial and academic partners (Transurb Simulation, GIM Wallonie, SIRRIS, LEMA department of ULiège). It is about the Automation of the 3D production chain in the context of advanced simulations and training for rail and urban mobility solutions. The objective of this project is the research and development of innovative methods to automate a significant part of the reproduction of the rail transport environments (train, tram, and metro). This project is articulated around the 2 key components below:

  1. Research on the implementation of geographic information processing processes (satellite images, Lidar data, mobile mapping images, DSM/DEM, vector data, ...) based on artificial intelligence (computer vision) to create an automated Geo Digital Twin for railway and urban environments.
  2. The redefinition of the production chain and the design editors of these environments based on the Geo Digital Twin.

The main tasks of the recruited person will be to develop/participate in:

  • New production pipeline and tools to automatically generate simulation environments based on the Geo Digital Twin and its constituent innovations, as well as the generation of photorealistic textures.
  • Automatic extraction of objects from heterogeneous data sources consisting of aerial/satellite images, Lidar point clouds and auxiliary vector data and surface and terrain models based on innovative AI architectures.
  • Research on the optimization of the 3D production line.
  • Develop prototypes and participate in UGEOM’s innovation activities (including technical reports and scientific publications).