Research Group Leader / Young Investigator Group Leader

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Organisation: Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG)

The Institute of Coastal Research invites applications for a 5-year Research Group Leader/ Young Investigator Group Leader position in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Earth System Analytics and Modelling. The position is part of the local hub of the Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit (HAICU). The HAICU-Local Unit Artificial Intelligence for Earth System Analytics and Modelling will focus on the application of advanced machine learning methods to Earth System and Climate Science, specifically focusing on Earth System Analytics, Earth System Modelling and Predictability. Preferred starting date is as soon as possible, ideally not later than January, 1st 2020. A connection of the position to the University of Hamburg with teaching responsibility and the right to supervise and examine PhD candidates is desired; all details of this connection can be negotiated, based on personal qualifications. A joint W2 appointment procedure with the University of Hamburg is not excluded.

HZG is moreover strongly involved in the Cluster of Excellence Climate, Climate Change and Society CliCCS at the University of Hamburg together with the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology and other partners. The activity of this group will likely be highly relevant for several cluster projects and contributing to societal relevant climate research and support societal adaptation to climate change.